Friday, February 11, 2005

Run By Your Statue...

Continuing with the Olympic theme, tonight we pay homage to the Barcelona Olympics of 1992. I should really comment on some of the great medal winning performances, but one of my overriding memories of the games was the one of Derek Redmond, a true Olympic hero in his own way.

This fine memento of the games can be found in a park somewhere in Barcelona, and features a running athlete calved into a nice looking rock. Alongside, we find a running Gael. I think you’ll agree that Gael is setting a fine pace here – keep it going and I’ll think you’ve got the winning of this race! Just as long as you do not suffer the same misfortune as Mr Derek Redmond.

Thanks to Gael’s son for taking the photo and to Gael for the first Run By Your Statue moment.

Talking of the Olympics, did I ever mention the sterling efforts of the Ultimate Olympian?

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Gael said...

Its just outside the Olympic stadium as you head back down towards the city. Thanks for posting it!