Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Visitors Gallery...

In the UK when I was younger we had this great children’s art TV programme called Hartbeat, presented by the legendary artist Tony Hart, along with his trusty sidekick. In this programme, kids were asked to submit their own paintings to The Gallery each week, and viewers were then shown a selection of fine artwork from boys and girls aged anything from 1 to 15…

With this in mind, tonight it gives me great pleasure to share with you the first Stand By Your Statue visitor’s submission! So, Ditty Nicolaides, please, take a bow.

This fine Stand By Your Statue moment originates from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The ‘Met’ is one of the great art galleries of the world it has to be said. With much stretching involved this is one of the most athletic poses we’ve had so far!

Thank you all for sending me your photos. I am most humbled and very impressed that folks out there have been taking similar silly snaps, and shall be posting some over the remainder of this week. Please feel free to send me your pictures using the email address in my profile at the top right hand corner of this page.


Anonymous said...

Hi John--Ultimate Olympian's mum here!!
LOVE your idea
and as there seem to be so many "Johns" on all these web sites I thought I'd send you a snap of "Johnny the Jig" ----a famous little statue here in Holywood.
Haven't ACTUALLY taken the picture YET--but I'm working on it and need to find a little accordion first--in order to mimic it perfectly. See you Saturday!! I'll be the one looking old enough to be the mother of a 30 yr old!! xo

panthergirl said...

Oh that one is HILARIOUS. I've checked the site a few times, but this one is worthy of comment!!

Statue John said...

Why thank you Mrs Mac and I look forward to your statue artwork. Yes, see you at the weekend - I'll bring along Trivial Pursuits so that we can resume our groundbreaking partnership and take on all comers - no one can stop the combined fountain of knowledge! Ahem.

John said...

Trivial Pursuit might go better this time if you stay sober enough to not fall off the sofa, mate.

And mum?
It's bad enough when you raid the chooking sherry cupboard and start leaving random comments on my blog, but when you start doing it on other people's it might be time to seek some help.

SwissToni said...

Did someone mention Trivial Pursuit? Bring it on!

Great statue pose, by the way, Ditty. I particularly like the way that it looks like you have popped into the Met halfway through a jog, whilst wearing a showercap.