Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Visitors Exhibition

This site has been up and running for just ten days now and already some readers have sent me their own Stand By Your Statue photos. I am most honoured and humbled that people are even bothering to read this blog, so to have people send in their photos is fantastic news, and gives me more tip top pictures to keep the site running for quite a while longer yet :-)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten the photos that have been sent in and I shall be publishing them when the Stand By Your Statue blog holds a Visitors Exhibition in the not too distant future. In the meantime, I just wanted to give a hearty pat on the back to Ditty Nicolaides, Sean Conrad and David Wood and friends for sending me their pictures.

If anyone else out there has any Stand By Your Statue moments that they would like to share, then please feel free send me your photos via email address given in my profile, situated in the top right hand corner of the site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pat on the back. I can understand that you're overwhelmed by this. It's a fun idea, and your blog may become the leader in this niche activity. BTW, my website is

Dave Wood.

Prochein Amy said...

I hope you keep this site up! Taking other's pictures is neat also. Next time I see a statue I am taking a picture!

Statue John said...

Thanks folks...

The first of what i hope will be many visitors exhibitions to be published next week...! Am overwhelmed by some of the funny snaps that have been sent my way :-)